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We help you feature your business where everyone’s attention is at – on our mobile devices and on social media. We partner with you to learn your mission, your voice, and, together, we’ll create a program that positions you as a leader in your industry and community.


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Shawn Campbell, Social Media Marketing Tucson, www.cmgsocialmedia.com

Social Media Marketing

Campbell Marketing Group is a small business dedicated to helping other small business owners reach their goals and dreams. We understand that you have enough on your plate in running and operating your business, so we want to earn the privilege of being your social media marketing agency and, more importantly, a partner along your entrepreneurial journey.


Our mission is to be constantly evolving as a social media and digital marketing agency, aimed at providing exception services at affordable rates for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States.


Our vision is to have a positive influence upon every market we touch while providing inspiration and motivation to every entrepreneur we interact with.

You Can Rely on Us
We’ve Been in Your Shoes

Campbell Marketing Group started in November of 2015 and while the owner, Shawn Campbell, was still employed in corporate. On May 1st, 2016, Shawn ventured completely on his own and left no way to turn back. Along the way, we’ve experienced the highs and lows, the sleepless nights, the victories and set backs. We’ve experienced what you’re going through now and, like you, we’re passionate about success. The good news for you: we’re only successful if we’re successful for you.

Industry Experts

We’re not just social media experts, we’re marketing experts. With experience in all facets of business, we simply “get it”.

Efficient & Effective

We don’t just throw your marketing budgets towards social media ads. We spend each and every marketing dollar as if it’s our own. We advise what the right budget is, not just how much you can afford.

Reasonable Pricing

We know as a small business owner, you have the direct responsibilities towards your employees, your family and whatever may unexpectedly come up. We’re in this for the long-term with you, not just for a quick buck. We probably won’t be the cheapest, but we’ll be very effective.


With a degree in marketing, years of experience in sales and marketing, years in corporate leadership and as a social media analyst for a major corporation, there’s nothing Shawn hasn’t seen. Better yet, we view each of our clients individually, with unique needs and goals.

Our Speciality

We invest the majority of our time in social media and how we can “create conversations about your business”. We study the trends, the updates, the opportunities and the market you’re targeting. What may be the core of your social media program today, may be completely different in 3 or 6 months – we know and anticipate that. Social media is very fluid and we understand and accept that as our daily challenge.

Why Choose Us?

We understand choosing a social media agency to partner with is a tremendous honor. We appreciate that honor and we’ll never take that relationship for granted. We’ll get to know each other and, most likely, we’ll get to appreciate one another on more than just a business level. Our clients become our friends.


Campbell Marketing Group has the pleasure of assisting small and mid-sized businesses across the US. We started as a home based business in November of 2015 and now have an office in downtown Tucson. Best thing yet – we’ve only just begun!

Our Services

Our services range from Social Media Marketing to Entrepreneurial Education and Motivation.


Social Media Marketing

We simply put your business in front of where people’s attention is – their social media. We put your business on the applicable platforms, with the right message, and within your budget. There isn’t a more efficient, more effective way today to market and brand your business than through social media.

The Driven

Whether you’re just getting started or have aspirations to build your own business, this is the program you need to invest in. I’ll share my ups and downs for you to learn from and you’ll receive valuable insight and information on a monthly basis to help your business grow. If you’re really serious about creating your own future, then this program is for you.

Search Engine Optimization

How easily is your business found through a search for your products or services? Let us assist you in this area while you concentrate on what you do best – run your business!

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