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The truth is Campbell Marketing Group was founded after my frustrations of working for corporate ran its limits. With a background in both corporate and small business marketing, I was approached by a trusted, long-time marketer who inspired me to go after what I most desired – to fulfill my own destiny, make my own path and create my own business. I decided to let my entrepreneurial spirit go and I never accepted “no” for answer after this decision was made.

I’d like to say that ever since I made the decision in November of 2015, I made all the right choices, made all the right moves and everything went perfectly since then. However, lucky for you, it didn’t. I made bad decisions, bad moves and did things that I wish I hadn’t. As it turns out, though, this is a perfect opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned with you so you can hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls I landed in.

Today, Campbell Marketing Group works with clients in states from coast-to-coast, across a variety of industries and we’ve only just begun our journey. What we’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time can also be accomplished by you and your business. We’d love to help you realize your dreams by sharing our experience, our expertise and, just for a little-added kick, a little motivation along the way.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing. It can be both exhilarating and painful at the same time. One minute your up, the next you’re thinking twice about everything you decided upon. No, not everyone has the make-up to work for herself or himself, but I have a feeling that since you’ve read this far down, you have what it most takes – desire and heart.

The Driven is designed to help small business owners through all the adversities and to share information and value to help your business grow. You’ll receive access to monthly webinars, monthly Q&A Sessions and The Driven’s Closed Facebook Group where you’ll have further opportunity to ask questions about the growth of your business. The best part of this program for you is the investment, which is only $12.95/month, and there are no contracts, no minimum time with us, no gimmicks. If you decide that you’re not receiving value from being a part of The Driven, simply email us and we’ll stop your payments. This really is a no-brainer for you and your business.

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