The Power of Acting “As If”​

Now I haven’t achieved EVERYTHING I’ve wanted to over the last 5+ years in business – but not really far from what I’ve envisioned. And, envisioning who I am today was really done so a few years prior. Let me explain…

But first, fair warning, this may be a little “new-agey” and I’m not an expert in this type of topic. I do, however, know that by acting today “as if” I’m that person I’ll be three years, five years from now, it’ll lead me to better decisions, a better thought process, and a better outcome in the end. And, by imagining things today of who’ll I’ll be and where I’ll be really leads you down that road. Again, maybe a sprinkle of “The Secret” in this, but, hey, it is what it is.

The truth is that over the last five years, I can tell you story after story about myself thinking of where I’ll have an office, how many clients I’ll have, how much I’ll be earning, what car I’m driving, how my office will look like, etc., etc., etc., and eventually, like within 12 months, it happens. The car thing was crazy because I was falling into becoming content of letting that dream go for a bit after my “deadline” – and WHAM. Literally, wham. I’m rear-ending, my car at that time was totaled, and I get a very out-of-the-blue text that my dream car is available at a local dealership. A car I envisioned myself driving and every little detail of how it handled, the sound of the engine, the smell of the car and

Wham, indeed.

So, time to test this out for each of you. I see myself in Spain in five years. I see myself in a flat each morning, walking down the stairs for a cup of coffee with the locals and taking it all in each day. Somewhat retired but working a bit a few hours each day. I see myself splitting my time in Europe and here in the US. I never see myself as completely retired, but having sold a business and well-off enough to do what I want to do.

Let’s check back in five years.

Do you act “as if” you’re the business owner you want to be? The entrepreneur you want to be? Do you believe that you can really become that person or are you just wishing you were?

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