Digital Marketing Can Provide the Business Actionable Metrics

One of the most frustrating aspects of traditional marketing is that it is extremely difficult to measure its effectiveness.

Perhaps you paid to have your construction business’ name on a park bench in a developing neighborhood. You notice that there has been an uptick in inquiries since the ad was placed, but how much of that is due to the ad and how much is due to other factors? It is really hard to tell.

With digital marketing, the metrics are much more clear. This allows you to invest more heavily in what is working and move away from what is not.

For example, for email marketing campaigns, you can see which messages have the highest open rate and generate the most click-throughs. Your business can then tailor future material to more closely mirror the strong performers.

In addition, if your website has store locator software to route leads to your nearest office, vendor, or material partner, the software will yield data as to which location is getting the most traffic and which of your associates are closing the most sales.

Digital Marketing Is More Affordable

The general rule is that businesses should spend about 5% of their total revenue on marketing.

For construction businesses that bid millions of dollars worth of projects each year, this can result in a hefty marketing price tag.

And for new construction businesses that have yet to establish a strong foothold in their community, this 5% figure might not be enough.

As such, digital marketing is a great way to curtail marketing costs. While building and maintaining a quality website and paying for digital space are far from free, some of the most effective digital strategies, such as email and social media interaction, are extremely low cost compared to traditional mediums.

Digital Marketing Builds Social Credibility

Online reviews are the new word of mouth in 2022.

Leads are unlikely to trust a business that does not have a healthy track record of positive feedback from former clients.

To build this all-important social credibility, construction businesses can:

  • Establish and maintain an active social media presence
  • Keep Google My Business profiles updated and accurate
  • Feature client feedback on the business website