Finding Your Home Run Swing

For those of you not interested in the Super Bowl this Sunday because your team isn’t playing, you’re not alone. I’m a Dallas fan and I’m really not looking forward to seeing a division rival in Philly winning their first Super Bowl; nor am I interested in seeing Tom Brady celebrate another Super Bowl by himself as none of his teammates seem to stand him. Hence, let’s do an article today that’s baseball-themed: finding your “home run swing”.

First, I’ll define your “home run swing” as being in the zone or being in your optimal state of efficiency and effectiveness. I feel like I’ve been in that zone recently, both in business and personally. Though I’ve recently suffered a bit of an injury and haven’t been able to work out, I did lose 40+ pounds last year which has tremendously helped out my energy levels. I don’t sleep as much and I get way more done each day as a result. Without getting myself physically in decent shape first, I wouldn’t have been able to get more out of myself professionally. In other words, to be a multi-dimensional and great player, I need to first have the ability physically to be that player.

I also think keeping negativity at arm’s length is important. I’ve rid myself of a lot of negativity recently, leaving my mindset only subject to a positive environment. You are a product of the 5 closest people to you. Extend this to the groups you network in, the places you frequent and the messages you subject yourself to each day. Staying positive is often underappreciated by many. Don’t undervalue how important this is. As related to baseball, you’re going to strike out from time-to-time. That’s okay. Players in the Hall of Fame were successful at the plate only 3 out of 10 times. Handle the adversity and always move forward.

I have also created a “big board” that I can see from just about anywhere in my residence. This has all my goals – both personal and business – on it as well as positive statements and challenges for myself. Yes, this sounds corny, but my goals are consistently and positively being reinforced in my mind throughout my day and night. So keep track of where you’re at with your performance. It’s hard to gauge where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re starting from.

These are three things (of many) I’ve done that have really set up my 2018 and, so far, I’m on a torrid pace for the year. I’ve found my home run swing and I’ve knocked a few over the fence this year already. Now the challenge is to be prepared for the curve balls that are sure to be thrown at me.

And I’m ready for them. Are you?