Staying On Target

While few of us, if any, can say there’s been a year that’s been more eventful in its first six months than 2020, we still have six months left to keep our focus on our end of year goals.

By no means am I dismissing the events that’s occurred thus far.

Corona virus has taken way too lives and will leave its mark on us for months, if not years, to come on how we live and interact and has pushed us into new daily habits. And, of course, the major impact it’s had on many small businesses around the country.

The George Floyd incident was horrific and one of the most inhumane scenes I can remember. This, too, will leave its mark – although it may (finally) turn things for the better and our society and communities may see times that will embrace equality and level the playing fields for everyone to have a fair chance in education and employment. Perhaps a time is near where everyone can feel safe to go out from their homes at any time and anywhere. Let us all hope that this initial momentum towards a new era lasts for years to come, until there is true equality among us.

Amid all this, how are you keeping your focus on your business and the goals you’ve set for the end of the year? Do you even remember your goals for the year?

I have mine on the Campbell Marketing Group’s “Big Board” here in my office. It’s updated each week and displays how far each of my key metrics are from the end of year goals. I can tell you where I’m at from my goals pretty much each day.

And, in seeing those goals, it makes it easy for me to keep moving forward despite all that’s happened. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be by now; but considering everything’s that happened, I’m not complaining. I’m also not going to allow for any excuses, though, when the last quarter arrives.

Lastly, let’s keep each other motivated and going forth. Yes, these times are unprecedented, but, they can also turn out to be the adversity that some of us needed to become better business people.

What do you do to keep focused despite all that’s going on?